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Deducti Shield is a subsidiary of Service Corp. Since 2008, Service Corp. has been a service provider to major retailers and their contractors. We provide risk management and loss prevention consultation and been helping service providers and contractors to obtain trades professional bonds and insurance. Service Corp. also designed and implemented programs and risk management solutions, services and techniques to improve profitability and reduce loss prevention with tool and equipment rental firms and small water craft rental industry. We have been a leader in a unique sector of risk management industry with professional trade services business needs in mind.

Auto Insurance Premiums or the amount policyholders pay to be insured, vary depending on: age, gender, years of driving experience, accident and moving violation history, and other factors. Most states mandate that all vehicle owners purchase a minimum amount of auto insurance, but many people purchase additional insurance to further protect themselves. A poor driving record or the desire for more complete coverage will lead to higher premiums. However, you can reduce your premiums by agreeing to take on more risk, which means increasing your deductible.

Get several rate quotes before you commit to someone. Shopping around and doing some comparison costs can help you save a great deal of money.

Some insurance carriers are now taking credit scores into consideration when it comes to calculating rates for customers. Keep your credit score in check by making timely payments to your creditors.

There are a wide array of discounts that are offered by insurance carriers. You don't know what is available for you until you ask. For example, Low Mileage Discounts, Group Insurance Discounts, Senior Citizen Discount etc.

Avoid lapses when it comes to keeping auto insurance. Keep your insurance current. Not doing so can disqualify you from getting any discounts.

Paying your premium up front helps you avoid paying any possible administration fees. These fees can go up to fifty dollars! Getting low insurance rates is that difficult. Using the tips listed above can help almost anyone lower their car insurance rates with ease.

 Deductishield is not an auto insurance company. We provide risk management solutions to help you avoid having to deal with unanticipated expense.
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